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FrameThink: How Facebook Ships Code

I’m fascinated by the way Facebook operates.  It’s a very unique environment, not easily replicated (nor would their system work for all companies, even if they tried).  These are notes gathered from talking with many friends at Facebook about how the company develops and release software….

Gründerszene: 6 Erfolgsfaktoren für Corporate Blogs

Ich blogge, also bin ich? Was anfangs noch hobbyartige Reiseberichterstattung war, ist jetzt professionelles Erzeugen von Inhalten mit hoher Frequenz…

Scobleizer:  Can you help with my Quora addiction? (My favorite questions)

So far on Quora I’ve answered 332 questions, mostly in the past month or so. Now, some people are wondering why I’m spending so much time there and not on my blog…

Social Media Examiner:  How to Gain Competitive Insight With Social Media

Are you looking for that competitive edge? Want to know what your peers are up to? Using social media to research competitors can provide useful information for any business looking to create a smart strategy

Stay N’ Alive: Looking for a Facebook Internationalization WordPress Plugin

As I’m writing my book, I’ve come to realize that a good portion of you that visit here speak another language.  In fact, Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian), Facebook’s 2nd largest market (Indonesia, with over 200 million population), just so happens to have a high ranking in the readers of this blog as well, at least amongst those of you who are Facebook users…

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